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Oscha SekaiLove Cecily Shawl

Oscha SekaiLove Cecily Shawl

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Shawl, Oscha SekaiLove Cecily  (£87)

Color: Coral pink hearts, warm purple and white
Material: 47% Ice cotton, 53% organic combed cotton
Appearance: Coral pink hearts are surrounded by warm purple and white on this lovely Ice cotton blend. Crafted with a dual hem and woven using our three colour weft facing technique, this gorgeous, sweetheart design makes for the perfect summer shawl.

Weight: Approx. 287gsm

Ice cotton is an innovative yarn that, through advanced spinning technology, makes a cool to touch and breathable fabric. It is made with 100% Supima cotton (the finest American Pima cotton) with no synthetic fibers, and is free from harmful chemicals.

Featuring cooling Ice cotton and with organic combed cotton for added softness & a lovely cush, this shawl is finished with our soft-touch technique meaning it is softer than any of our previous Ice cotton blends.

Oscha slings soften beautifully with use and come with a handy bag to carry them in. 

Please refer to the "Oscha Care Instructions" page for information on washing instructions.

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