Oscha Roses Hope Baby Wrap

Oscha Roses Hope Baby Wrap

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Baby Wrap, Roses Hope, Multiple sizes

Color: Gorgeous amethyst warp inspired by the Scottish elements iss the background for new 3 colour weft technique: ecru and rich purple weft threads complement this warp perfectly, creating a refreshing variation on classic Oscha Roses.
Material: 48% organic combed cotton, 31% pure bamboo, 21% cotton.
Appearance: Roses in Scottish elements
Weight: 100% organic combed cotton, approx. 296 gsm, 63cm wide.

This wrap is soft and strong straight out of the bag; cushy and supportive with a lovely shimmer Roses Hope is perfect for all ages and all wrapping abilities.

Oscha slings soften beautifully with use and come with a handy bag to carry them in.
Please refer to the "Oscha Care Instructions" page for information on washing instructions.