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Oscha Orion Alexandra Baby Wrap

Oscha Orion Alexandra Baby Wrap

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Baby Wrap, Orion Alexandra, Multi sizes

Color: Fresh coral pink and peach tones

Material: 59% Ice cotton, 41% viscose bamboo

Appearance: Fresh coral pink and peach tones summer colourway, lightweight, dual hem wrap.

Weight: About 231gsm, 63cm wide

Made with a more open weave for a light, breathable and malleable fabric, this wrap is woven from Ice cotton and viscose bamboo. Both yarns are ideal for summer wearing: cool to the touch Ice cotton is perfect for warmer climates and with the addition of wonderfully soft and breathable viscose bamboo this wrap is great for taking you through the warmer months.

Finished with our soft-touch technique Orion Alexandra is softer than any of our previous Ice cotton blends, floppy soft and broken in straight from the bag. Great for little ones, as well as for big ones when using a multilayer carry.

*Please note that some thread shifting is to be expected as part of the character of this weave, it does not affect the integrity of the product. Ensure you wash before use to tighten the weave.


Oscha slings soften beautifully with use and come with a handy bag to carry them in.

Please refer to the "Oscha Care Instructions" page for more information on washing instructions.