Oscha Matrix Merry Dancers Baby Wrap

Oscha Matrix Merry Dancers Baby Wrap

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Baby Wrap, Matrix Merry Dancers, Multi sizes

Color: Harmornious gradients of the northen lights, blue, teal, indigo, purple in the popular print of matrix

Material: 70% organic combed cotton, 30% organic linen, 66cm wide ( friendly to local weather)

Appearance: Inspired by the changing colours of the Northern Lights this wrap features a fade on both the warp and weft to create a gorgeous iridescent quality.

Weight: 289gsm

Woven with a cottolin blend on both the warp and the weft this sling is supportive and strong, with a hint of cush enough malleability to make it perfect for little ones and bigger kids alike.

Oscha woven wraps create the most tailored, comfortable & snug fit for carrying your little one: from birth, through toddlerhood and beyond. They distribute your child’s weight evenly, making for a continually comfortable experience.

Our Woven baby wraps can be tailored specially to meet the needs of you and your little one as it is infinitely adjustable. You can carry your child on your front, back and hip: in each one of these positions there is a myriad of choices about the kind of carry that will best suit you both (see Carrying Instructions for more).

While a baby wrap may seem daunting to first time users you will be amazed at the simplicity of many carries and the speed at which you pick up this fantastic skill. Soon you will be dazzling friends and family with your ability to wrap up and soothe your child with ease.

Oscha’s unique patterns and continual experimentations with weaving techniques ensures baby carrying is always a beautiful and comfortable experience for parent and child.

Oscha wraps are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns & handcrafted in Scotland.

Oscha slings soften beautifully with use and come with a handy bag to carry them in.

Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry warm. Ironing is recommended.

Please refer to the "Oscha Care Instructions" page for more information on washing instructions.