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ModFresh Modern Five Hex Combo Coral with Contrast Wooden Hexagon

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Modern Teething and Nursing Necklace


The silicone beads used are: 

-Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone
-BPA Free
-They contain NO PVCs, Phthalates, or Lead
-FDA approved
-Easy to clean- Simple wash with soap and warm water and air dry!

The wooden beads are:
-Raw and untreated 
-Easy to preserve-Just rub each bead with a little olive oil or coconut oil after each wash

The necklace is SAFE because:
-It is strung on a satin nylon cord with a plastic breakaway clasp. It pops open if baby pulls hard!

Warning! This necklace is only intended to be worn by an adult while the baby teethes in it. Never leave this necklace unattended with baby.