Ling Ling d'amour Daicaling Woven Wrap 4.5m - Shadow Purple

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Woven Wrap, Daicaling (Shadow Purple) (Sample Sale*)

Color: Deep Purple

Material: 100% CertifiedBiological Organic Cotton using dye free of toxic substances (GOTS label) 

Appearance: Single colour, neat and simple

Weight: TBA Width: 70cm

Other information: This product and its materials have been tested and validated in the testing laboratory approved on the basis of examination established from the NF EN 13209-2. Conforms to safety requirements.

Other descriptions: Shadow Purple colors sling is a cross-twill "English" weave that provides good support of your child. The hems of different colors will help facilitate knotting and especially helps newbies in babywearing. It is suitable for babies and children from birth (3kg) up to 3 years (15kg).There are two labels to indicate the middle of the wrap; one on each of the edges. The wrap has special points reinforcement for strength hems. Comes with a manual and matching storage bag in new design. 

Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40 ° C, no dryer.