Ling Ling d'amour P4 Baby Size DAÏCALING - Prune

Ling Ling d'amour P4 Baby Size DAÏCALING - Prune

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P4, Daicaling Full Buckle 


Material: 100% Certified Biological Organic Cotton using dye free of toxic substances (GOTS label)  in broken twill weave.

Appearance: Single colour, neat and simple

Weight: TBA 

Other information: The P⁴ soft-structured carrier has been tested and certified CEN/TR 16512, and it complies with all safety requirements.

Features :

- 3 points safety buckle; quick wear and safe

- Height adjustment with two side cords and stop-cords

- Adjustable headrest; a high position to support the baby's head during his naps with hood hidden, to maintain and protect the head of your baby. Its size is adjustable with the velcro set on it.

- Suitable for babies from newborn 3.5kg to 12mo or 15kg max

Comes with instruction manual booklet. This booklet will tell you the safety instructions when you carry baby. It will show you, using a step-by-step illustrated how to wear your child on the front and on the back.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40 ° C, no dryer.