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Ling Ling d'amour Daicaling M-Tai - Fushia

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M-Tai, Daicaling (Fushia)

Color: Fuschia

Material: 100% CertifiedBiological Organic Cotton using dye free of toxic substances (GOTS label)  in broken twill weave.

Appearance: Single colour, neat and simple

Weight: TBA 

Other information: This product and its materials have been tested and validated in the testing laboratory approved on the basis of examination established from the NF EN 13209-2. Conforms to safety requirements.

Features :

- Mixed straps; an original and unique design, foamed at the shoulders and suitable for superior wearing comfort and freedom of movement of the shoulders

- Wide waist belt and padded at the base; for comfort and proper maintenance over the life of the carrier

- 3 points safety buckle; quick wear and safe

- Holder strap; to wind the excess strap

- Adjustable according to baby's size; easy, fast and safe setting to suit growing baby

- Adjust the seat using a single system composed of the webbing on either side of the seat completely independent of the lap belt adjustment

- Height adjustment with two side cords and stop-cords

- Adjustable headrest; a high position to support the baby's head during his naps

- Versatile, M-Tai allows baby to wear on the front, side and back.

- Suitable for babies from 4 months to 3 years (env. 6kg up to 15kg max.)

Comes with instruction manual booklet. This booklet will tell you the safety instructions when you carry baby. It will show you, using a step-by-step illustrated how to wear your child on the front and on the back.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40 ° C, no dryer. 

Dimensions :
(+ / - 5%)
Wrap set to smallest:
Minimum Seat: 15.5 cm
Minimum height (medium without headrest): 21.5 cm

Wrap set to largest:
Maximum Seat: 42 cm
Maximum Height (medium without headrest): 34 cm
Maximum height: 45 cm

Headrest height: 11cm
Total ramp length: 187 cm
(Strap length padded portion: 41 cm)
(Overall length strap padding: 146 cm)
Strap width: 24 cm
(Slip padding width: 7 cm)
Belt Width: 10.5 cm
Total length of the lap belt adjusted to the oldest: 136 cm