Girasol Handwoven wrap / Mysol Accessories

Girasol Handwoven wrap / Mysol Accessories

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Handwoven in Guatemala, Girasol made collaboration with the artisans based on fair trade with the guarantee of continuous orders. 

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Material: 100% Cotton

Attention: Please take note that due to Girasol products are handwoven, therefore we expect usual nubs and slubs on products to be present.

Product quality assurance by Girasol: In the highlands of Guatemala live the Maya Indians, whose knowledge and mastery of old weaving methods still persists today. The men work on a wooden loom, brought there by the Spaniards, and they produce material to sell. The women use the precolonial backstrap loom weaving textiles with old motives, which are mainly used in traditional garments.
Our select weavers are masters of a very difficult and ancient skill: diagonal weaving. A high-quality baby carrier produced with this method of weaving will allways adapt elastically and never strech out of shape. The hems have been doubled to prevent the edges from causing any unpleasant pressure. 

The MySol is made from two layers of high-quality cross-body sling fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carries and so provides optimum support. The MySol may be worn with each side facing out - practically two differently coloured baby slings in one! During development, we intentionally decided not to use hard plastic components, clasps, buckles and complicated adjustment features but did create a strain-relieving chest belt for the back carrier and a practical hip belt for such important small items as purses and keys and so on. Washing instructions: We recommend to wash product before first use for hygiene purposes. Girasol recommends machine wash at 60deg fahrenheit (approx. 15 deg celcius), baby carriers and slings shrink a little after the first wash - the lengths stated refer to the lengths after washing. Please use no softener, or detergent product which contains optical brighteners. Line Dry. Low heat ironing. Do not bleach.