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How to wear your Baby in a Woven Wrap, Non-Base Size


How to Remove Baby out of your Woven Wrap? Put them back in?



For the love of babywearing, you may find resources of babywearing on the world wide web shared by many babywearing lovers. 

We thank them for sharing with us on all different ways of wrapping and carrying our loved ones safely. There are also awesome mummies who shares how to nurse in carrier too. Kudos to them! 


 Wearing a Mid-Tai (Mei Tai carrier) by Ling Ling d'amour


Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) by Wrapping Rachel 

Front Cross Carry (FCC) and nursing discreetly by Wrapping Rachel


 How to use a Ring Sling with a Newborn by Wrapping Rachel

Shorty Carries by Tanya  Tougas


 How to breastfeed with the Moby Wrap by NaturallyThriftyMom


Double Hammock Back Carry in a Moby by mrslaurenposs



Ruck Tied in Front with Tibetan Variation by Uppybaby


Tandem Babywearing by Mandy Johnston