Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is smoochsmoochbaby selling? 

A: We are selling babywearing related products, eg: Slings, Woven wrap, and accessories that we use while wearing our baby. More products are coming in.


Q: How does the name smoochsmoochbaby comes along?

A: Based on safe babywearing rules, which is the "T-I-C-K-S"; C, stands for "close enough to kiss". Smooch-smooch is just a playful term I use when I kiss my baby. 


Q: Why do you sell these products?

A: First of all, this is based on our humble opinion that babywearing works. We hope it works for other mothers and parents too. Spreading babywearing love. 


Q: What is spreading babywearing love?

A: Nothing serious. I have fallen in love wearing baby close to me and it helps when I have to always on the go. It also helps when there are house chores to be done. Babywearing makes your hands free. (we do not have domestic helper at home at the moment)


Q: How do you spread babywearing love?

A: I stock these products and they are ready to ship once order received. For new babywearers, they do not have to wait for weeks before they can try on. For existing and experienced babywearers, they can enjoy the convenience getting these products just a few clicks away. Either for own use or even gifting.


Q: Why is Babywearing expensive?

A: Just like any other consumer products available in the market, each and every product manufacturer makes different products with different quality, design, exclusiveness, durability, long lastingness, comfortable level and (many more). All these characteristics are up to each and every individual's preference. Sometimes the cost to bring in these products into the local availability is part of the reason too.


Q: Can't I just use any cloth to wrap my little one?

A: Yes and no. This needs to go back to the basics of babywearing and types of slings available to choose from. On getting "any cloth", always take note on these points: wearee's safety, types of fabric and blend, suitability of material towards wearer and wearee's skin, free from harsh chemicals and support when being worn for longer hours.


Q: Where can I get more information on Babywearing?

A: The library, World Wide Web, Babywearing course, Babywearing support groups on Facebook, Eg. Babywearing Singapore. 


Q: How soon can you deliver?

A: We strive to deliver within 3 working days once order confirmed and full payment received.


Q: How do you deliver?

A: We are using Smartpac by Singpost. Option to deliver by courier is available with a small fees of SGD4.50. 

Please drop us an email at for arrangement if courier service is preferred. 


Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: We do have plans to ship internationally. For the moment, international shipment can be arranged by request. Please drop us an email at for arrangement if international shipment is required. 


Q: Do you give discounts?

A: We do give discounts  on and off. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to not miss out on any of these special offers.


Q: I am a local business owner, is it possible to see my products on ?

A: Absolutely, please email us at to discuss your options. 



Last Update: 15April2015